The Pursuit of Happyness

“…and this little part of my life, I call it happyness.”

That was the quote said by Chris Gardner, roled by Will Smith, in the end of the movie. I watched it just 2 hours ago at my friend’s home. This movie successfully controlled my emotion along with the progression of the scenes. I was about to cry. But my tears couldn’t really fall—I don’t know. Usually it’s so easy for me to splash my tears everywhere when I watch sad movies or read sad stories…ha-ha.

Yeah it was a great movie. Based on true story about the man who tried hard to pursue happiness. So many unfortunate things come to his life—even once he and his son had to sleep in terminal’s toilet—but in the end he successfully build his career in being stock broker. Though I still have no idea why it’s titled ‘happyness’, not ‘happiness’. What’s the meaning of the ‘y’?

Will Smith played with his son, Christopher Smith and this 5 years old child was soooooooooooooooo cute…!!! He will be a great man just like his Papa. Hoh… I always like Will Smith. Even though I’ve just seen some of his movies. Especially in I am Legend. It’s just…oh I don’t know. His face, his charisma, his expression, his body language, and all the way he acts, it deeply attracts me. Furthermore, he reminds me to someone. Somebody successfully crowded up my mind with something unimportant, long long time ago at junior high school.

Dark-skinned men always have their own aura. For me, they are interesting in their own way. They always look stronger, more mature, more charismatic, look like they always ready with everything they gonna face in life. Oh of course NOT ALL the ‘dark men’ seem so, but yeah—many of them.

Hmm…still on my way of pursuing happyness…hohoho


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