That Guy…

Since the first time I met him, I know I can’t take my eyes off him. He just can’t be easily ignored. Honestly I’m deeply attracted to him. He’s charismatic, simple but powerful, silent but always doing hard work for the sake of his people. He’s just the best man I’ve ever known—after my father.

What I like from him is, he’s not so difficult to be found. He’s almost always everywhere. I can see him in campus, among my friends, even in the crowded—accidentally or not—I always can meet him. He’s always close to me. Whether I realize it or not, I just can’t release myself out of him.

He’s so ‘smily’. That sweet smile of him never gets off his lips. Every time I see him. Really, every time I see him. I remember one day when we attend seminar in Balai Pertiwi, one of my friend told me that he was looking at me. I just moved my eyes to look for him when suddenly I found that beautiful smile. Yeah. I caught him and he did smile to me. Never stop smiling…

You know, he’s older than me. It’s one of reason I put my honor on him. I always like older men. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I have no older brother. Older men always have their own way to make me feel safe and protected. It’s really like I have a comfortable place to put my head on. Something that can’t be offered by the-same-age or younger boy. Well, you can say being older doesn’t mean that they are more mature, but being younger DOES mean that they are less mature. You know what I’m about to say. Older isn’t always mature but mature always older.

And that elder guy is really suitable for his position.
You know, he’s a special-wanted man. He sits on strategic position where everybody always wanna be like him. He’s president of an organization. And it’s not such an amateur one, coz he takes responsibility of so many people under the organization. He’s mainly important person.

Recently I know his best effort in protecting his organization. This has been kicked by a hard crisis that almost destructs the organization heavily.
Now that I put full of my attention to him, he’s almost go. I feel lost. I hope he can stay in his position.

Support me.
Indonesian president for 2009 – 2014!


  1. SBY memang keren, dia juga punya kekhasan diplomatik yang menghanyutkan. Pesonanya yang kalem mungkin justru kekuatannnya. Hanya saja perlu sebuah improvisasi untuk keluat dari kompromi2 gk jelas.

  2. wah,,,setuju banget, Mi…. beliau emang hebat, dahsyat,,walaupun ada beberapa pihak yg memojokkan, tp menurutq beliau tuh tetep salah satu role model yg dahsyat….

    aq jg ngefans ma beliau,,, =)

    ah…seandainya saja…..

  3. Huehehehe…

    Ya jelas aja lah dia “can be found everywhere”…

    Tapi, apaah dia masih bisa ditemui di banyak tempat, setengah tahun lagi ya?

  4. SBY… hm… SBY…
    Let it flow…

    Whoever will be in “that place”, we just can hope he will change this nation to be better..

  5. Iya, I had the same experience, too; he also smiles at me whenever I sit at Balai Pertiwi. Number 31. Katakan “TIdak!”.

    Umi, your English is getting better and better. . . keep writing in English.


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