“He” Will Be My Husband

In theory of “The Secret”, you have to imagine a real description about what you really want. Your mind has to be focused on this wanted-thing. Then, you have to WRITE it. Write your dream on a piece of paper, then some days or some years later, it will become true.

In this case, I’ll write it on a piece of webpage.

God, I hope you can bring me my ideal husband 7 years from now.
He will not be handsome, but he’s definitely charming. He has strong aura. When I look on his eyes, I’ll see peace and protection. When I look on his lips, I’ll see tender words that always comfort me. When I look on his forehead, I’ll see a servant who always bows for pray to his Creator. When I look on his arms, I’ll see courage to prosper his family. When I look on his feet, I’ll see a leader who will take his family to the right path and save them from hell. When I look on his heart, I’ll see a clean-beautiful character light his surrounding.

I want a husband who can bring a true joyfulness for me and my children, now and at the hereafter.

Although I realize that good men are only for good women, and good women are only for good men. Now that I still can’t be a good woman, I can’t get a good man. I have to build my character so that I can be a good woman who proper for a good man…my ideal husband.

Now that I have written it, I truly hope it will happen. Amin.

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