Kemarin baru saja dapat kabar gembira bahwa salah seorang teman yang bernama Brian Anggita mendapat kesempatan untuk mengikuti ISFiT (International Student Festival in Trondheim), Norwegia pada Februari 2011 nanti. Belakangan seorang adik angkatan yaitu Tantri Saraswati ternyata juga diterima di even tersebut. Wuaaawwww…..2 guys go abroad from Ma Chung at prestige international event? It’s rarely happen! Me and some friends who also apply isn’t lucky this year since we’re not invited, but surely my University get its great achievement by those two! So cool…eh?

Beberapa teman alumni ISWI juga banyak mendapat kesempatan keluar negeri lagi setelah even itu. Salah satunya Teh Histor, yang baru saja dapet kabar bahwa dia diundang ikut even IYCF di Pakistan. Teman2 yang lain juga sering lagi ikut even internasional setelah itu…but for me the chance is yet to come, still have to wait :))

I remember when I went to Germany my university & my family; my father, my aunts, etc help to support the financial needs. For visa, ticket, transport, etc. I remember my father bought a digital camera that he actually couldn’t buy. He gives some extra money that actually he can’t give. Fortunately I can fly because the University support the ticket, but with restricted traveling funds, still I can’t realize the dream of Euro trip, I directly went home after the event while my friends going Belgium, France, etc.

I was veryyyyy happy at the moment because finally I can go abroad…but when I came back here I felt something wrong. Yes…I still can’t be financially independent. Still depend on my father who were fully struggling to support my trip (and some sponsors that unfortunately reject our proposal). I realize that I was happy, but to make myself happy I accidentally make my father force himself. Itu adalah sesuatu yang mengganjal kebahagiaanku.

I want to go abroad, I WANT TO GO ABROAD ON MY OWN FEET.

Of course I’m looking for full scholarship…later when I wanna attend master degree. But while now I’m still undergraduate student, where full scholarship in temporal international event rarely available, I have to struggle by my own self. I want to get there having precious moments with interracial friends…but with my father at home, my younger sisters need me, I can’t be fully happy.

I want to enrich myself, my family. When the time comes to go there again, I will note make anyone or anybody had a rough time…because I WILL FUND MY OWN TRIP!

Amin! :))

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