Kerupuk Goreng Pasir (Sand-fried Cracker; Non-Cholesterol) PART 1

Have you heard about this? A cracker which is fried by sands–not by palm oil? Do you feel curious, interested, or even disgusted?

But this kind of snack REALLY EXIST. I told you. Come to Indonesia, and you’ll find this snack that you WON’T FIND IT ANYWHERE around the globe, I’m sure! (really around the ‘globe’ :P)

In Indonesia, especially East Java, you’ll find that a cracker can be tasted soooo crunchy and savory eventhough it’s fried in sand! Trust me! Coz I’m producing it right now with my family 🙂

Here is the picture of the “sand-fried cracker” 😉

It is generally known as “Kerupuk Goreng Pasir” (English translation = sand-fried cracker). But the local name depends on the residence. In East Java there are some residences which are known as this cracker’s producer: KEDIRI, MADIUN, BLITAR, and SIDOARJO. The local names include: kerupuk upil, kerupuk sambel, kerupuk kere, etc. In West Java, this snack also exists (although not as popular as those in East Java), and they call it kerupuk mlarat.

This cracker is veryyy tasty when eaten with SAMBAL. Do you know SAMBAL? It’s traditional sauce of Indonesia! There are various sambals, but the most suitable for “sand-fried cracker” is SAMBAL PECEL and SAMBAL PETIS. ‘Sambal pecel’ is unique sauce made from peanuts, chili, and brown sugar, while ‘sambal petis’ is made from shrimp sell.

It’s very crunchy! Very suitable to be eaten in rainy season, light conversation with friends, or as a gift from travel. It is usually sold in tourism area (although daily shop now also sells it). You can find it in fruit’s stall, gift shop, etc.

Sooo how can this cracker be made? How can it is be unfurl only through sand? Is it safe to consume? Well…you’ll find it on the next chapter! 😉

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