Kim Tak Goo, Best Korean Drama Ever

Ma Jun vs Tak Gu

“Frankly, I’m human too, and I’m not super fond of you. There are times when I don’t like you, and sometimes you irk me so much I feel like hitting you. But every time that happens, I think of the time you re-tied the rope on me. At that one moment, I felt your sincere feelings. I had the thought at the moment that perhaps you could have been a friend I could connect with.”

It was what Tak Gu said to Ma Jun, his step-brother, his rival, but also his learning-partner. I am so touched by the story of how they began to be a rival, and how they end it with a beautiful friendship. I think, deep inside Ma Jun actually likes Tak Gu. Perhaps, if they are not brothers, if Ma Jun’s father did not put up Tak Gu above Ma Jun, they can really be friends.
Tak Gu is a warm-hearted person, while Ma Jun is cold-hearted one. They are fighting over a father, a woman, and a huge family company Geosung Food. Their rivalry reminds me of what happens between Naruto and Sasuke. Still, it is an interesting story. Because there is only a slight border between hatred and love, between rivalry and friendship.
I like Ma Jun. I don’t know why I often interested to antagonist character, maybe because I have that dark side too (*evil laugh*). Though sometimes he can be very annoying, I like it when he shows his humanity side. When he sincerely gave his eggs to help Tak Gu making bread, when he hold his father to walk, when he said that he loves Yu Kyung while crying, I really like those scenes.
Besides, of course, the actor who played Ma Jun’s role is exteremely cool and sexy! Oh man, he is soooooo impressive! It’s Moon Jun Won a.k.a. Joo Won, new actors at Korea drama industry. His eyes, his hair, his nose, and especially his tall body make me crazyyyyy >< The way he walk, the way he gazing and staring is so damn-cool! You know, even I like that evil-look! He is a perfect personification of Uchiha Sasuke, whom I’ve been fallen to for years.
Well, speaking of Ma Jun, he’s way better than Sasuke, though, coz he still has humanity side. Even I think he is actually a good person. He just becomes evil because he was hurt by his father’s unfairness and the presence of Tak Gu. Also, he was wrongly educated by his evil mother, who used her son as a tool of gaining power.
Another scene that touched me is when Ma Jun’s father tells Yu Kyung, his girlfriend, to take care of him.
“Please care for and support Ma Jun sincerely. He’s a very lonely child. I only knew how to work. I’m not very good at showing my children love. If you could give what I couldn’t, I would be very grateful.”

It means that his father actually loves him! And Yu Kyung is in difficult position, because actually she doesn’t love Ma Jun, she loves Tak Gu, and Tak Gu loves her too. It is another interesting story of love. I think Ma Jun is so badly want to be with Yu Kyung, and let himself to be a revenge tool for Yu Kyung to his evil mother. However, even though they started wrong, they end it romantically 🙂

Sweet marriage of Ma Jun and Yu Kyung 🙂

I also like the scene when Ma Jun crying over the last message of the died Pal Bong teacher, who taught him and Tak Gu how to make bread. He cries so badly that I feel pity for him. It shows that actually he respects the teacher, too. He was only feeling envy because the teacher seems pay attention to Tak Gu more than him.
In the end, people like Ma Jun is a portrait of how evil grow. It starts from envy, then hatred, and then you will do anything to win over. I think all the antagonists in this drama started from becoming a victim. Ma Jun’s mother (Seo In Suk) became evil because she was oppressed by her mother-in-law, and betrayed by his husband. Ma Jun’s biological father (Han Sung Jae) became evil because he was tired of being his friend’s shadow, and had his beloved girl taken by him. Yu Kyung, who used to be protagonist, unfortunately in the end becomes a bit antagonist, because she was crushed by Ma Jun’s mother and wanted to revenge.
Well, Tak Gu was also a victim. He was separated from his mother and kicked out from his father’s house. However, why he doesn’t become evil?

“How can you keep smiling like that? You’ve only had things taken from you until now. Your mom was taken and your father was taken. And you were kicked out of Geosung. Shin Yu Kyung was taken and everything else was taken. How can you be like that? Do you not have a heart, are you dumb or…are you really okay?” Ma Jun said.
“How can I be okay? It’s not that I don’t know anger, it’s not that I don’t feel it’s unfair, and it’s not that I can’t feel pain in my heart.” Tak Gu said.
“Then? How can you bear it like this?”

“Because I need to live. While I’m alive, nothing is over. Just because today was good, my life isn’t over. And just because today was bad, my life isn’t over either. Good things and bad things…they all go away.”

It was so strong heart of Tak Gu. And I think this is the lesson that the drama want to tell. We are all human, many things happen to us, but what we become does not depend on what happen to us, but depend on how we face it and handle it.
“Even if I live a million years, I will never understand anyone like you.” (Gu Ma Jun, while gazing at sleeping Kim Tak Gu)
Oh damn, I really want the sequel movie of this drama! I’m about to cry againnnnn :’(((

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