Ma Chung University, my campus

Well, I am about to graduate. You know, when you’re going to end something, then you will remember how it started. Yeah…It just feels like yesterday when I joined Ma Chung Festival and wearing that “baggy bag”. I still can memorize the evenings I’ve spent in this campus: writing assignments, preparing contests, attend boring meetings, laughter, and deep chats. Right now that I’m typing alone in this library, I feel a bit lost.

For me, my years in this place is the most important phase of my life. Seeing me four years ago, is like seeing Windows 95 type of my self now. My thoughts, my attitudes, even my appearance is already changed. Well, by nature, early twenty is the phase when you’re looking for your self identity. And, luckily, I think my experience here has bring me to be someone better–I hope.

I can’t count how many lessons I’ve learned from my friends, my colleagues, my lecturers, the teachings, the assignments, the contests, the events, the organizations, and even the buildings. Eventhough sometimes I feel disappointed with this campus, I know I’ll miss it someday. This is not the place that you can easily forget.

Graduation day is coming. I’m about to release many things I’ve enjoyed here. It’s like I’m standing alone now, detached from anything. I’m free. But I’m also curious about my future. It’s still unclear…but I’m going to walk on step by step…see what I’m going to be in the end. Because the joy of life is enjoying the process…and the result will come follow.

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