Half-Dream Job

I think I got my dream job. Well, not really a dream job, but half-dream job. Start on July 9th, I will work in Sinar Baja Electric, a company that produce sound speaker, as Marketing Export. My dream job was to work in international business section of consumer goods manufacturer. You know, a company that produce packaged meals, toiletries, and other consumer goods that you can see in supermarket. Now I get the position as international business staff, but not in consumer goods company. So that’s why I said that it’s half-dream job 🙂

My company-gonna-be

However, the job description is quite appealing for me. I will be more interacted with foreign buyer and supplier, not only “sink” in clerical administrative jobs, such as handling export documents etc. Even I’ll have a chance to go abroad handling company’s participation in international trade fair. I will be very willing to do that! 😀

My father said that as a newbie in the company, I have to work very hard and show my contribution to the company. Because there is no easy job, every job gain a pain. Work, work, and work, reward will come follow. Once the company trust me and consider my role as “irreplaceable”, then they will do everything to keep me.

Actually I’m a bit nervous. I mean, this is the real wok, in the real world, where I have to take the full responsibility. Start from now, I have to learn many things. About export procedure, international market, and even the speaker product, I have to master all. But, as many successful people said, when you work in something you like and you eager to do, then it will become easier. Enjoy the work!

Makan siang ala Buruh cuma Rp 5.000

Oh, and I saw something interesting. Yesterday when I did psychotest and interview, I had lunch with the labors. All the labors eat the same meal provided by the canteen,  which only costs Rp 4.000 and additional Rp 1.000 for drink. They said it will be different meal only for staff and semi-staff.

Lunch time

You know, I feel like, wow I’ll work in this labor-environment. Labors that sometimes I see go out from cigarette company near my house, labors that sometimes I feel pity about them.

My first job is going to be interesting. Well, as I said before, the joy of life lays on the process…and the result will follow 🙂


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