Eyang Habibie

the-third-indonesian-president-bj-habibie-file-photo-_121212204837-833He has probably been a “raising idol” for the last four years. His wife died, he came back to his homeland, he released a book about their life stories, he gave speech in various events, and finally they created a movie about him. Yes he was such a brilliant leader in his era, but many of younger generation have never been get the chance to know him deeper. Thanks God that he’s blessed with long age (77 years now) so that he can share all the inspiring stories today.

God always has a better plan. God took his wife first so he can go back here to Indonesia. What would happen if it was him who died first—far away in overseas country of Germany? Probably his precious story would have been buried with him. We would have never been inspired by the story about idealist scientist, businessman, statesman, father and husband who fought for his country.

We were somewhat between 3 to 10 years old when he ran the first Indonesian plane. We had no idea what was going and we just read the name of CN-235 and N-250 in “Buku Paket IPS Depdikbud”. Now that we start our professional work, we need some image of how the older generation situation was actually going, and what we suppose to do as a climbing stake-holder today.

The very important thing is: STAND ON OUR OWN FEET.

He urges Indonesian people to never LETTING GO strategic industries under foreign control—we have to build it ourselves. And yes he’s completely true. Because Indonesia’s over-dependance to other countries will just lead to a new era of colonialism.

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