(Live on Stage) Finally Floating with Float!

Meng the vocalist

As the music turned louder, we immediately turned wilder. In that night, that place, those people were voluntarily hypnotized. In a magical way, every second the night got “older”, we became a second “younger”. Even though the rain has fallen few hours before, temperature seemed risen even hotter. Everybody flocked up in front of stage, singing and dancing altogether. Meng’s voice became higher, and Bontel looked trance on his guitar. They all played vivaciously that their skin was flooded by dripping sweat. Everyone became one, and I felt so ALIVE.

That was the first time I saw “Float” played their music on a live stage. For me it feels so fast since the first time I knew them and enjoyed their songs. It’s just two months ago, but I have already felt so close to them. And the chance to see the persons directly has suddenly come: Folk Music Festival 2014.

Poster of "Folk Music Festival" 2014
Poster of “Folk Music Festival” 2014

I didn’t actually expect to meet them this quick, since I planned to join 2014 Float2Nature event later this year. However, it was an honour to be able to see their first live performance in Surabaya. Eventhough no one of my friends here knew who the “Float” is, and refused to watch their performance (hiks), I forced myself to go. And guess what, it appears that my friend’s sister knew the band! So I didn’t end up to be the one who talked passionately while the others seem clueless and have no idea of what I was talking about ^^” We finally watched the concert together: my friend, her sister, and me, while then her sister’s friends came later to join.

Honestly, I didn’t have any interest about this “Folk Music Festival”, and just came to see “Float” playing. But you know, it appeared that the other bands were also magnificent! I coincidentally spotted a unique band “Stars and Rabbit” (Jogja) with its phenomenal vocalist Elda Suryani, who look gorgeous with her “freaky but cool” singing style. They’re really worth to listen, guys! You also have to try “Angsa dan Serigala” (Bandung). I didn’t have a chance to see them on stage but from their songs on SoundCloud, I knew they are incredible!

Well, back to the “Float”. I was very enthusiastic about this “Float” thing that we have stayed at Sutos since around 7 pm. Meng, Bontel, Raymond, and the other line-ups just appeared at nearly 11 pm. My friend and I have stood in front of stage since around 9 pm to make sure that we will get the foremost space, and yes WE GOT IT! I was just 50 centimeters away from the Float guys! I could clearly saw the dripping sweat on Meng’s neck and the wild hair move of Bontel. Eventhough my phone camera was sooo horrible that I can’t capture them clearly, I didn’t regret it. Whatsoever, I got the memory very clear through my own eyes, in my own head 🙂

Meng the vocalist
Meng the vocalist

Their performance started with catchy “No-Dream Land”, title of their first mini album in 2005. They continued to play rhythmic “Stupido Ritmo” which was also in the same album, and then followed by beautiful “Song of Seasons”, soundtrack of “Wonderful Indonesia” TV advertisement. Tense began to warm up when they played “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya”, since everybody started singing together. Oh yes this song was quite popular since it became original soundtrack of the 2007 same-titled movie starred by Nicholas Saputra.

The track then moved to arousing melody of “Indah Hari Itu”. Damn I love this song and in this live performance they played it much much better…!!! The melodic guitar tunes sound so clear and cool, yet it successfully melted my eardrum (ouch!) The way Meng voiced its lyrics was even more hypnotizing. I was in the stage of semi-trance by their miraculous playing–my body was deliberately moving, my lips didn’t stop singing, and as all audience carried it out together, I knew that we have blended into the same sense of music–I apparently got my “eargasm” (!)

Now that everybody heated up, we continued it vigorously. People were screaming, shouting, and yelling for their wanted song. Most audiences begged for “Sementara”, the others requested “Pulang”, while me, loudly shouted for “Surrender”. Yeah, SURRENDER…!!! And the Float guys knew that these three songs is probably people most favorite hits today, so they “save the best for the last”. Those three was played in sequence to close their performance.

Well, when the music stopped and the stage was closed down, we felt that we haven’t had enough. Some people yelled for “we want more!” But the guys have already turned to backstage. My friends brought me to follow them, but they seem so busy that I was a bit shy to take a picture with them…ha! Poor me 😐 Anyhow I felt sooo happy and sooo excited…! I went back home at 1 am that night while I have to be ready at office to work on 7 am promptly. I didn’t have good sleep but apparently I had a wonderful dream-comes-true. Thank you, Float! I hope we can meet again later this year. And I do hope you have prepared a surprise of new songs for us–the FloatMates! 😉

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