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Chinese garden style of sea shore restaurant

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Hello, Sheila. Now here we are. You and I are on our way of making the most beautiful journey through this island of Bali. Just two weeks of budget trip, but we know that we’re going to make it unforgettable! We can eat anywhere, sleep everywhere, and enjoy every single footstep we make. We’re lost in travel, but we find each other’s soul. This journey is our way into freedom, our path to everlasting love. With you by my side, I feel that I can conquer all places in this world with only a backpack and a pair of legs.

And today, I’m going to bring you a surprise.

“The Bay Bali?” your eyebrows frowned when I ask you to have lunch there. “Are you sure you can afford that?”

As always, you said things frankly as it came up to your mind. I just giggled. “Well, if you don’t want to have lunch in that place, I can just buy you a packed street food and we can have picnic by the beach and eat together there.”

Your laugh suddenly burst out and you hug me promptly. “Of course I want The Bay! As long as you don’t let me do the dishes for paying our meals!”

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

Hello, Sheila. I know you always love beach and ocean—that’s why I decided to bring you here. My best friend, Ray, told me about this place. The Bay is a site of some extravagant restaurants that in line aside the beach of Nusa Dua. I know you have never complained that we agreed to do this trip in “backpacker” way, but somehow I just want to let you be a princess for one day. Yes you’re a strong woman warrior that can bravely survive in a tough place, but today I want to make you a princess that stays in a comfortable castle. You deserve this treat.

“This is greaaattt!” your face is soon overwhelmed by smile when we arrive. The sense of satisfaction suddenly stream into my blood as I see you smile. You’re right, this place is fascinating. We decided to drop in Hong Xing, a dainty Chinese restaurant with attractive interiors and delicate Asian cuisine. Right behind the restaurant, we can see a beautiful private beach; simply clear blue water, tender sand, and shady trees. They also provide some cozy table sets in this outdoor area; designed in such a way so that it looks like a dazzling Chinese garden. Of course, you soon pick a seat in this garden area, so that we can have lunch while enjoying warm sunny breeze of the beach.

Backyard of Hong Xing
Backyard of Hong Xing
Chinese garden style of sea shore restaurant
Chinese garden style of sea shore dining place

“Ohhh…so tempting!” you murmur vibrantly as the waiter bring in our dishes. A set of dimsum accompanied by some seafood and noodles, I’m sure you can handle it all!

“You know you can eat that fork if you want to—and if you’re able to,” I throw a joke on her, seeing her outstanding appetite.

“Owh ywes owf cwourse,” you replied with a mouth full of food. “As long as it’s made from this incredible dimsum!”

Hello, Sheila. You know I can’t stop smiling for the rest of our lunch. I’m too glad to see your happiness now. For me, being together with you is happiness. Making you happy is more happiness. In my mind, happiness is simple; because happiness is you.

After finishing our contented lunch, we decide to enjoy the surrounding scenery. We’re just walking along the beach line, passionately talking about everything till we lost attention of where the road has brought us. Until up to nowhere, it was such a coincidence that we end up here—in this gate of a place named “Water Blow”.

Water Blow
Water Blow

“What is it?” I ask curiously.

“Why ask?” you throw that typical grin to me and spontaneously run into the gate. Ah yes, I should have known you better, Sheila. Follow your steps, I run after you, chasing your shadow with overwhelming spirit bursting in my chest. And there you stop. And here I stop, standing beside you. We unconsciously hold our breath—trying to realize that currently we’re standing together in such a stunning, wondrous place.

“It’s beautiful…” you whisper gently. You seem so amazed that I almost catch a tear drop from your eye.

Suddenly, a glimpse of information came into my mind. Oh yes, I know this place. My best friend Ray once told me. People call it “Water Blow”, the place where you can see the waves “blowing”. It is actually a beach, but not really looks like a beach. We can’t find white sand and warm water here. Instead, it mostly consists of sharp crags and hard rock’s everywhere. However, this dangerous coral beach seems to be a tourist-attracting spots; since it creates miraculous effect of “blowing water”. The great wave of Indian Ocean will be trapped in those narrow coral gaps, rising its pressure, and the blow it up far above. Crassshhh! The water then splash out everywhere and the tourists, standing safely on the bridge above the corals, will be laughing satisfied to get those senses of splashes.

“Do you know tale of ‘The Little Mermaid’?” suddenly you ask me, stopping my reverie. I deliberately look at you and catch your eyes. Those two are brightly outgrow, as usual when you want to know something curiously.

“Uhm…that red-hair Ariel and the yellow fish Flounder?” I guess randomly.

“Nooooo that’s just a Disney brainwash!” a tone of protest arise from your voice. “I mean the original one, written by Hans Christian Andersen. You know—that Danish author?”

“Well…You know I’m not a fan of literature works.”

“It’s not that kind of Shakespeare literature, actually. It’s just a children fairytale and when he wrote it Hans was thinking of—”

“Okay, so what is it all about?”

Hello, Sheila. There you are, vigorously spin a yarn about a mermaid princess who was longing for a new life beyond the ocean. One day she met a handsome human princess and fell in love with him. She did everything to marry him in order to live a new life as a human. She was even willing to exchange her tongue with a pair of legs. But sadly, it was a tragic story. It wasn’t a happy-ending fairytale as seen on Disney movie. The handsome prince neglected her and got married with another girl. Feeling broken-hearted, the mermaid princess eventually disappeared and her body turned into sea foam.

“But I don’t think it’s a sad story,” you start to argue. “Her physical body might disappear, but her soul was eternal. She stayed alive with the “daughters of air” as if human’s soul everlasting in heaven. She’s happy—more than that, she’s joyful.”

“She’s dead anyway,” I state realistically.

“Yes, but in a way she wanted. Did you know why she was craving to be a human? Because she wanted an eternal soul! After death, mermaid soul will cease to exist, while human soul will live eternally in heaven. This is what she wanted. She expected more than just a marriage with the prince—an eternal soul, it’s what she actually looked for.”

Hello, Sheila. Right now, you tell me the tale as if you were the mermaid herself. We both lean on the bridge bars above the corals. You are enjoying every movement the waves make. They run, swash, and dance on wildly. Your eyes gaze deeply to the waves as your words glide enthusiastically from your mouth. I just can’t help adoring this scene. Your long wavy hairs flutter in race with the wind, your voice collides with the wave noise, and I can’t stop staring at you.

Don’t you know that you’re just too beautiful?

Please go on. Please keep telling me story. I may no longer pay attention to your tale, but I’m sure I’ll pay attention to yourself. You’re the center of my world, you’re the main source of my happiness—no, you’re the happiness itself. Sheila, please stay here. Stay with me and we’re gonna travel the world together forever. You don’t have to go alone. You’re safe with me, you’ll be my princess and we’ll live happily ever after. We are the fairytale ourselves. Can’t you understand, Sheila? Sheila, please don’t go!

Spontaneously I hug you. Hug you so tight that I can’t feel anything but pain. It suddenly hurts when I realize that I just hug a splash of water! Sheila, where are you? The waves are just blowing and wet my whole body—but where are you? You suppose to be here by my side? Where are you, Sheila…?! Oh yes I understand. There you are. You’re just splashing me! Ah…I know you have turned into that sea foam. You are a mermaid princess that deserves an eternal soul. I know you won’t leave me alone here. Even though you have changed your form, deep inside I know it’s still your soul. Sheila, come here! Splash out! I’m gonna be wet along time! We’re gonna be together and happy ever after!


Hello, Sean. I’m Ray. Can you still remember me? I’m your best friend. I’m the one who told you about The Bay and Water Blow. I’m the one who knew exactly how much you love Sheila. I’m the one who saw her leave, and the one who witness how deep you’re broken after that.

Hello, Sean. There is no more thing sadden me now than seeing you lose your healthy life. You always find a chance to run away from hospital and come back to this place. You will repeat the scene you have done with Sheila years ago without even realizing that she’s no more beside you. You walk to the restaurant alone, you order and eat alone, but you talk as if Sheila was there in front of you. You walk along the beach by yourself, you reach Water Blow by yourself, but again you’re holding into that wave splash as if you’re holding Sheila. Don’t you know how grieving it is for me to see you act like that?

“I’m not crazy, I’m happy!” once you said to me—consciously or not, I didn’t know. “I’m happy because I can always meet Sheila in this place. She is a mermaid princess. She might not be with me but she has turned into sea foam—you know, and her soul is eternally live! I can always meet Sheila here, I can always be happy here. Sheila is my happiness. Don’t call me crazy—I’m absolutely happy!”

Hello, Sean—my best friend. If this is what you call happiness, I’m happy to know that you’re happy.


This post is originally written by the blog author, all photos and video are derived from the writer’s personal documents.


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