Jendela Masa Depan

This piece has been posted on LinkAja Official Medium Account, check it out here!   “Nak, itu namanya uang…” Si Ibu menatap bocah SD di depannya setengah geli. “Uang kok kayak gini, Bu?” tukas si bocah yang ternyata bernama Rayhan. “Uang kan yang ada di HP Bu.” Lalu si bocah menyodorkan smartphone-nya. Tampilan layar menunjukkan… Continue reading Jendela Masa Depan

“Kerja, Kerja, Kerja. Uang Akan Datang dengan Sendirinya.”

Judul di atas adalah sepenggal quote yang pernah saya dengar dari Azrul Ananda, mantan CEO Jawa Pos Group yang juga “putra mahkota” kerajaan bisnis bapaknya, Dahlan Iskan. Kalimatnya menggelitik, seolah menampar kita2 para kuli keringat yang bekerja demi sesuap Hokkaido cheese tart dan selembar tiket PP keliling Eropa. Kalau gak buat cari duit, buat apa… Continue reading “Kerja, Kerja, Kerja. Uang Akan Datang dengan Sendirinya.”

Academic Entrepreneur: Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

This post is a copy of my article on Fair Observer. The original post can be seen here:  Studying at university provides students with the necessary tools to become an entrepreneur and overcome common startup problems. There has always been a fierce debate of whether entrepreneurship can be taught or not, and if an entrepreneur… Continue reading Academic Entrepreneur: Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

[Repost] Land Mafia Fire Game Lights Up Indonesia

(This article was published on Fair Observer at 11 November 2015, co-authored by Fikar and me) The seriousness of the Indonesian forest fires can no longer be ignored. As 40 million people gasp for breath and tens of thousands of hectares of forest are on fire in Indonesia, the world continues to revolve like nothing dangerous… Continue reading [Repost] Land Mafia Fire Game Lights Up Indonesia

Innovators, Customers and Things Between

Six months ago, in the beginning of Michaelmas term, my housemate once commented when I told him that I study Entrepreneurship and Innovation. “Innovation? What are you studying about? Something like—how to innovate?” I just laughed to that sarcasm, though deep down, yes, it got me thinking. He’s studying Finance, something very clear and concrete… Continue reading Innovators, Customers and Things Between

The Expense of ‘Being Nice’ in the Workplace

That typical nice guy: always smile and ready to help

Everybody loves nice people. Nice people won’t hurt you. Nice people will always help you. Nice people can even be the vehicle you use when you need to go further. Oh and everybody likes to be liked. Even before Facebook invented the ‘Like’ button and utilised this as psychological tool to deepen its users engagement. And it is so understandable… Continue reading The Expense of ‘Being Nice’ in the Workplace

UK-Europe and the Job Market

LUSU article

It’s a common mistaken perception that graduates in developed countries are easier to get job. No, not at all. Finding a (proper) job has always been a struggle for majority of people, wherever we are. In developed countries, the case is probably even worse. Most of the industrial manufacturing plants have off-shored to far away countries as a result of… Continue reading UK-Europe and the Job Market

Plunge into Job Market Again

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As I’m getting closer to the end of Summer Term, and definitely to the deadline of my dissertation’s submission, I feel like another worry start to catch me. Now I wonder where would I be in the next couple of months? Would I go back home and find a dream job? Would I stay here with… Continue reading Plunge into Job Market Again

Death Penalty and ASEAN Sovereignty

ASEAN is very serious in tackling drugs problem.

Following execution of eight drugs dealers in Indonesia (29/04/15), the world again put their attention on South East Asia, and how death penalty still prevail in this region. Among ten ASEAN members, only two countries have officially removed capital punishment from their law. Cambodia and Philippines abolished death penalty for all crimes in 1989 and… Continue reading Death Penalty and ASEAN Sovereignty

Tentang Beasiswa LPDP

Tentang Beasiswa LPDP LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) adalah lembaga yang dibentuk atas kerjasama Kementerian Keuangan, Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional, dan Kementerian Agama. LPDP beroperasi sejak 2012 Fungsinya untuk mengelola “dana abadi” pendidikan sebesar Rp 15,6 T dengan tujuan meningkatkan SDM Indonesia dalam jangka panjang Hasil investasi dana tersebut (sekitar Rp 1 T per tahun) digunakan… Continue reading Tentang Beasiswa LPDP