Catatan Akhir Tahun (2019)

Rayhan the Happy Baby

Apa yang berbeda di 2019? Tentu saja ada Rayhan Anggara Senja yang membuat saya sangat, sangat bahagia. I’ve always wanted my own son, even got his name 9 years ago, but never really imagine that this could be really, really joyful for me. Januari – Februari mungkin masa yang cukup sulit, karena masih baby blues… Continue reading Catatan Akhir Tahun (2019)


Some moments of 2014

Twenty fifteen. I tried to remember all the things I’ve been through in 2014, and suddenly it has been 2015. Twenty fourteen was¬†very¬†important for me. It was a transition year, when I tried to cope myself with all the changes happened in 2013. Now that I looked back again, I feel relieved that I (seemingly)… Continue reading 2015