Jendela Masa Depan

This piece has been posted on LinkAja Official Medium Account, check it out here!   “Nak, itu namanya uang…” Si Ibu menatap bocah SD di depannya setengah geli. “Uang kok kayak gini, Bu?” tukas si bocah yang ternyata bernama Rayhan. “Uang kan yang ada di HP Bu.” Lalu si bocah menyodorkan smartphone-nya. Tampilan layar menunjukkan… Continue reading Jendela Masa Depan

Coffee, Dreams and Global Start-Ups

The Unicorn Club

I just read an interesting article on last week’s The Economist, and tingled by this idea of how disruptive start-ups like Uber, AirBnB, and Amazon Cloud Drive reinvented not only how the business works, but also how the company made. Today there is this start up’s privilege: “go global without being big themselves”. As a small entrepreneur, you… Continue reading Coffee, Dreams and Global Start-Ups