The Training…

I’m coming back!!!

Hoh. It has been a long time since I’ve never felt this. Strong feeling to be a journalist, strong insting of hunting news, and strong interest that I’m really in my world. Yeah this is where I’m supposed to be and I come back again after such a long long time! Hoo…

Today Ami, Mas Ekak, and I attended Press Release Training at Hotel Pelangi. The speaker was Mr Husnun, Editor in Chief of Malang Post. (Just click Hoo…guess how much time has passed since I’ve never joined any Journalistic Training and write a real news? In this past one year I did some useless things (study, for example—hahaha) and I lost my news-soul.

The last time I wrote news was about Wendy-senpai and that wasn’t important (and it hasn’t been released yet…Huaarrggghhh!) And know I really2 wanna report!!! With camera inside my sling bag and note plus pen in my hand. Walking around asking for people and observing the moment. Capture the news-valuable one and share ir to the world!!! Hoh. This is what I’m supposed to do. Too much time I’ve spent in front of PC screen, gazing courage-less to Economic e-book and try to memorize why Central Bank sell government bonds and how it effects the interest rate. HAHAHA. I’m sick of Macroenomic. It doesn’t mean I hate it, though. I just need some relax and alternate-activities and I wanna find my real soul. And news hunting is the answer. I’m a hunter, though…hahaha.

Mr Husnun’s good. He’s experienced journalist and we got some tips dealing with newspaper’s people. Most of the audience were Public Relations staff from companies.government in Malang, Batu, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Sampang, etc. Think that we three was the youngest. Hahaha…student. And u know what? Mr Husnun was the one who came to Ma Chung last Thursday to meet Mrs Titiek. Think that he was the person who offered part-time job to Website Team/MCJC…Geez, I really can’t wait for that!!!

Though it didn’t really remind me to ‘amazing-burning’ Kompas Journalist Training I attended in high school, but it was enough to recall my journalist soul. I found my self wondering about basketball match at SSAW and I’m the one who running around the court, taking photos, and interview the guys. I’m tired but my face reminds satisfied. Hoh. Koyo’e aq lebayyy…hahaha.

I met some people interesting, one of them was Mr Teguh Widodo—herewith I introduced his blog: He was alumni of SMAN 3 at 1984 and now he’s working for Wearness. And u know what? He’s Agung’s secret admirer!!! LOL For Anak Agung Ngurah Putra Adnyana from IT 2, hey I know u’ll read this and let me say that YOU HAVE FANS!!! Hwakakaka so keep ur blog updated, lazy punch!!! XD

As a result of the training, we have to make Press Release about our institution and it will appear at Malang Post. We three planned to write about SSAW. Just wait for our action!!! ^0~

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