I’m awaken this morning and found that I’ve already been twenty.

I step my foot on the third decade of my life…I am getting older, and getting closer to die 🙂

In my twenty years life, I knew one thing that sometimes (often most of the time) ruin my life. NEGATIVE THINKING. Prejudice, negative, prejudice, negative…those thoughts leave footprints in my self: my face (grim expression, hardly smile, unstoppable pimples); my behaviour (easily angry, rigid, sluggard); my track record and image, etc.

[Those words above already show my negative way of thinking] ==”

I have to change my personality. Think that this is the first step I have to do before I can reach my other dreams! MINDSET REPROGRAMMING, change my unconscious mind to remove its old negative habit, and do what my conscious mind tell to do!

Changing the personality is something very difficult and needs lot of time…but I CAN DO IT. Some people had made it, I ALSO CAN MAKE IT, too.

This is list of my dream:


  1. lam kenal jugaaa
    thankssss view-nya 😀

    ternyata abiss ulang taun juga yaa…suka maher zain juga, hehehe

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