Discover Bajulmati

Today my man and I went traveling to the southern part of Malang 🙂
It’s a semi-planned trip, since I actually just intended to go to Druju village, Sumbermanjing Wetan, to interview an informant for my thesis. But then we decided to continue our journey far to the beach…Bajulmati beach 🙂

It was almost 1 p.m. when we arrived there. Very hot! Literally, in Javanese “Bajul Mati” means “the dead crocodile”. It’s called so because in the side of the beach there lied a planted mound who formed like a “crocodile”. You can see the picture below 😉

Bajulmati = Buaya Mati = The Dead Crocodile

We didn’t take many photos but we did playful water game. I mean, REALLY “playful”, since Bajulmati beach has the biggest wave among other beaches along southern part of Malang. Specially, we just found that we have a lil’ bit different style about “enjoying the beach”. For me, going to the beach means taking a good pictures of nature, sitting on the sand while enjoying view of the sea, and “wash” your feet with sea water. But for him, going to the beach simply means swimming and playing with the wave. For almost three years of being together, I have just discovered that he actually is a “beach boy” 😀

"The Beach Boy"

He forced me to walk deeper into the sea, but I couldn’t, I was just afraid coz I’m not very good in swimming. Every time the wave is coming he “welcome” it and swim through the wave, while I cowardly move ashore…hahaha what a pity 😛

Coral valley
Bajulmati bridge, before the beach
Chalk-cliff around the beach
Workers of limestone mining
Teak (kayu jati) along the road to the beach

In the end, Bajulmati is still not as popular as other beaches of Malang, such as Sendangbiru, Balekambang, Kondangmerak, or Tamban, but it’s really worth to see. Only about 3 hours from Malang city by motor bike. If you are looking for quiet place, go here in no-holiday season. You’ll find this place is much like your own private beach 😀

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