Charity Travel

Traveling is not just about sightseeing and playing around. Traveling is not just about making ourselves happy, but also sharing the happiness to other people. Sometimes, traveling can be our way to create social contribution, that’s what I call  “charity travel”.
Today my man and I went to Karangwidoro village. It’s just a small village behind our campus, though I am sure that not many of our university student notice this village. Similar with Landungsari, Karangwidoro is also a village in city border (“desa di batas kota”). Some area has been filled with extra-luxurious houses of “Villa Puncak Tidar”, while the  remained area is still paddy fields and poor houses.
The sugar cane field

However, I like this village and its beautiful scenery. Long time ago, my man and I have planned to do “charity travel” around this village. While enjoying the scenery, we go around by motorbike and giving out parcels to the poor villagers. Today it has been realized and I am so happy :)))

It’s the second time we do this kind of travel. Previously we only give out two parcels, but now we can present five parcels :))) You know, I think this is the best way of charity. Instead of distributing our donation through certain foundation, we prefer to give it directly to the needy people. We can see directly the smile on their faces, listen to their thanks and pray, and we can guarantee that our donation comes to the right person who really need it. It surely means a lot 🙂

Direct Donation

From Karangwidoro village, we were moving up to Petungsewu village. It is a beautiful village in the foot of Kawi mountain.

In the foot of Kawi Mountain

In this village, we found a really poor house. An old woman living alone in this house since her husband and child died long time ago. She has no longer can hear clearly, but she could understand, smile, and saying thank you. It was so pity that an old woman living alone 🙁 I hope I could enjoy my old life happily with my children and grandchildren…

The old woman in her poor house

In our way home, I feel very happy and satisfied. It feels like becoming an angel, eventhough just one day–well, usually I act more like a devil *evil laugh*. Now I just accompany my man, but the next time surely I will do it by myself and my own money!

On the way back home


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