Dutch Footprint on “Wonosari” Tea Plantation

Dutch people did not leave Indonesia without any footprint. During 350 years of colonialism era, admitted or not, Dutch government has build and develop several parts of Indonesia, including this. Yeah, this beautiful picture of tea plantation is the footprint of colonialism.

Among tea plants

Located in the foot of Arjuna mountain, Lawang subdistrict, this tourism object can be reach in about 45 minutes from Malang city. Sure it is the right place for having relax time! Fresh air, green plants, and pleasant cottages are available. There are also swimming pool, playground, mini zoo, and even an ATV you can ride around the tea gardens! 😀

This “garden” is not just a garden, really. Because it is a “one-stop-production-plant” for tea. You can also find a factory an a supermarket. The tea leaves are directly processed and packaged in the factory, then being sold in the supermarket. How nice it is to eat what you’ve seen in nature 🙂

Some information found in this area is still written in Dutch language. Well, you can expect what they’re going to say 😛

Interested to come? Well, it’s not an expensive object. In weekdays you just need to pay for Rp 8.000 per person for entrance ticket, and additional Rp 2.000 for motorbike parking. In weekend, you have to pay Rp 15.000 per person.

Enjoy the tea!

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