Behind Kelud Volcano Eruption

Live picture of Kelud eruption taken from Wlingi-Blitar

In every natural disaster, there will always be a miracle. And today, Malang is the miracle. Located only few tens of kilometers from Kelud Mountain, Malang city feels nothing about the volcano eruption effect. While far away cities like Jogja and Solo (300 km) are suffered by Kelud materials rain, Malang stays “cool and clean”,… Continue reading Behind Kelud Volcano Eruption

Charity Travel

Traveling is not just about sightseeing and playing around. Traveling is not just about making ourselves happy, but also sharing the happiness to other people. Sometimes, traveling can be our way to create social contribution, that’s what I call  “charity travel”. Today my man and I went to Karangwidoro village. It’s just a small village behind our campus, though I… Continue reading Charity Travel