Elegant Edinburgh (3)

Her Majesty's Yacht "Britannia" (photo by Lely Tri W)

To read before: Part 2 Day 4 (16 December 2014) After 2 days fully exploring the city center, we decided to see another part of Edinburgh. We went to coastal area of this city where there lay “Britannia” royal yacht, a vessel that used to sail around the world by British royal family. My classmate, Lukas from… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (3)

Elegant Edinburgh (2)

It's just undescribably beautiful

To read before: Part 1 Day 3 (15 December 2014) One thing I really wanted to do in Edinburgh was: hiking! Yes, there’s a hill in the middle of city named Arthur’s Seat, where you can see all the city view from this top. It wasn’t really a difficult route, just take around 2-3 hours… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (2)

Elegant Edinburgh (1)

Princess Street Christmas Market, stunning view at night (photo by Lely)

Day 1 (13 December 2014) As I walked down the street in that biting cold evening, the shrilly sound of bagpipes vaguely reached my ears. I speeded up my steps to look for the source of the sound, and surprisingly found a young man wearing that traditional tartan kilt in front of a hotel’s gate.… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (1)