La Armonía de Cordoba

Night view of Roman Bridge with Mezquita-Cathedral in the background

As soon as the sun slipped into the horizon, red tinge appeared on the sky. Its flaming colour blended perfectly with bone-like whiteness of Old Town buildings, while the green water of Guadalquivir refclected the light. Bewitched, we stand on the Roman Bridge with a dazzled look–enjoy the perfect moment and feel like never ever want to go home.… Continue reading La Armonía de Cordoba

La Belleza de Barcelona

Before coming to this city, Barcelona in my mind was just one of European football capital. And ex-Olympic Games host. Never thought about its marvelous Gaudi architectural design, its hilly contour alongside beaches, and its Catalan culture blended in the red-yellow buildings. Three days and three nights in Barcelona were simply amazing. Lely and I… Continue reading La Belleza de Barcelona

Elegant Edinburgh (3)

Her Majesty's Yacht "Britannia" (photo by Lely Tri W)

To read before: Part 2 Day 4 (16 December 2014) After 2 days fully exploring the city center, we decided to see another part of Edinburgh. We went to coastal area of this city where there lay “Britannia” royal yacht, a vessel that used to sail around the world by British royal family. My classmate, Lukas from… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (3)

Elegant Edinburgh (2)

It's just undescribably beautiful

To read before: Part 1 Day 3 (15 December 2014) One thing I really wanted to do in Edinburgh was: hiking! Yes, there’s a hill in the middle of city named Arthur’s Seat, where you can see all the city view from this top. It wasn’t really a difficult route, just take around 2-3 hours… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (2)

Elegant Edinburgh (1)

Princess Street Christmas Market, stunning view at night (photo by Lely)

Day 1 (13 December 2014) As I walked down the street in that biting cold evening, the shrilly sound of bagpipes vaguely reached my ears. I speeded up my steps to look for the source of the sound, and surprisingly found a young man wearing that traditional tartan kilt in front of a hotel’s gate.… Continue reading Elegant Edinburgh (1)

Jogja-Gunung Kidul “Adventure” Trip

Ini sedikit flashback aja sih tentang perjalanan saya dan teman2 kantor ke Jogja sekitar 2 bulan lalu (9-11 Maret 2013). Kami sembilan cewek yang  hobi jalan2 pengin aja gitu melancong ke Jogja, tepatnya ke daerah Gunung Kidul. Yang jelas ini perjalanan ala “backpacker”, karena kita gak ngambil paket tour dari suatu travel agent. Semua objek… Continue reading Jogja-Gunung Kidul “Adventure” Trip

Charity Travel

Traveling is not just about sightseeing and playing around. Traveling is not just about making ourselves happy, but also sharing the happiness to other people. Sometimes, traveling can be our way to create social contribution, that’s what I call  “charity travel”. Today my man and I went to Karangwidoro village. It’s just a small village behind our campus, though I… Continue reading Charity Travel